MINIBAR is an online liquor store that will give clients the choice to look for mixed drinks from the solace of their home. It is one of only a handful few India’s head online liquor hides away up with the target to convey various types of alcohol across the area.

MINIBAR focuses on “From Local to Global”. Our most valued and adored clients will appreciate & enjoy the taste of Global alcohol Brands in our stores at their neighborhood or by ordering them online.

MINIBAR, an online store serves in mass and various brands and varieties to oblige your advantage for great alcohols and beverages to change your tasting experience. We are attempting to broaden business by giving clients the choice to purchase alcohol online for pickup accessible or to have their request conveyed to their doorsteps.

MINIBAR has Spirits, Brandies, Whiskies, White and Red Wine, Champagne, and even miniatures in their stock for customer’s viewing and purchase. More-in this way, for the individuals who are giving, you can decide to have your buys sent over to your friends, relatives and family members as a gift instead.

MINIBAR was coming about because of the eagerness of its coordinators to allow companions and clients to celebrate and share glad events in an astoundingly American style – by giving the most stunning part of extravagance champagne, premium, save spirits and fine wine as the ideal present for any event, occasion or party.

Defied with the need to send an enrichment of a couple of containers of premium vodka to a school partner, who experienced the country over, the coordinators were bewildered to find that no site existed that was devoted exclusively to gifting of spirits, wine and champagne that offered straightforward mentioning; upscale gift packaging; and brisk and strong movement.

MINIBAR is exceptionally simple to utilize, you can undoubtedly pick your thing according to your decision and request them on, where you need your request to be conveyed and we will do no-contact conveyance at your doorsteps.

Our primary focus is to deliver “BRANDED LIQUOR” – addressing the both way of our thinking of offering the most amazing times with our reliable customers and our guarantee to deliver premium alcohol (as well as champagne and wine) to you and your loved ones.

We welcome you – our faithful customers – to appreciate the Great American Heritage of toasting happy occasions with loved ones, by giving the most amazing aspect premium, hold spirits, wine and champagne as an ideal gift for any festival, occasion, event or celebration.

We are trying hard to be at every possible place on earth where our customers can enjoy our services, even when they are on the move or enjoying their vacations.

Initially you can enjoy our superfast service at below mentioned cities in India. Kolkata





MINIBAR is also present at international places with their rich services.

Some of them are: Dubai Singapore MINIBAR is always endeavoring to give you the best quality of liquor to fulfill your hunger for better things in your entire life.

Follow us regularly as we are continuously making our collections large.